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The Advantages of Investing in Real Estate

When thinking about investing, real estate should be considered a viable option. With strategic guidance and savvy planning, you can turn real estate into valuable investment potential.
There are several reasons to invest in real estate: income potential, tax reduction, and adding to a savings/investment portfolio. It is important to note that real estate investments can be risky and a bit trickier than simply investing in the stock market. However, almost any kind of investment, whether in stocks or real estate, will incur some level of risk. What matters is being […]

What Rental Property Investors Can Expect For The Remainder Of 2016

The housing market of 2016 is expected to achieve restrained yet concrete growth. Although interest rates are expected to rise, they are of less concern to the workings of real estate this year. With an appreciation in property values, fall in vacancy rates, and rents touching record highs, real estate investors are expected to reap maximum benefits
People looking for predictable returns might turn to the housing market, which unlike stocks, offers stable assets to invest in, as put by the Senior VP of National Sales and Business Development, Anthony Cazazian of B2R Finance. […]